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Welcome to the website of KEY – The Kent Estuary Youth Project. We hope you enjoy browsing. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We are in need of people who are willing to act as Mentors to our Youth Workers.

Our full-time workers operate under significant stress from dealing with a large number of teenagers outwith the normal constraints of school or family procedure and we have found they need a ‘Mentor’ – a person that they can talk to as and when they need to, (maybe 15 times a year, maybe 6 times a year), to formulate their thoughts and, if possible, receive advice.

Ideally you will have some experience of working with teenagers as a parent, a teacher or possibly even in youth work, but anyone who is a good listener could be right for the role.

The ‘talks’ would always be instigated by the Youth Worker, and often by phone though we do encourage the workers to meet with their Mentor face to face when possible.

The matters discussed are in complete confidence unless there is an issue of Health & Safety or Safeguarding in which case, having told the worker that it is a matter of that nature, the Mentor should ask one of the Trustees to take things up to help the worker.

The KEY Trustees   

Please email Greg Tagney if you can help identify the right people for these important roles:


Who are we, and what do we do?


The KEY Project is based in the Kent Estuary area of Cumbria.  We aim to enable young people to ‘Unlock Their Potential’.  Our programme of work is designed to provide creative learning opportunities that appeal and engage with a wide range of young people within the community.  We are committed to being grounded in the community, and actively encourage and value the contribution of our local volunteers.

Our Structure

We are a registered charity, established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  We are run by a trustees committee that meets regularly.

We value high levels of youth participation and so our programme of youth work is youth led – being developed through a consultation process between young people and our professional youth work staff.


KEY values high levels of youth participation. Our youth workers use their skills to work alongside young people in ways that ensure our programmes are youth led.


We are committed to being grounded in the community, supporting community and intergenerational initiatives and value the contribution of our local volunteers.

We value the relationships we have in the villages we work within and continue to build on these. We encourage interagency working and actively seek partnership working where possible.


KEY is an independent youth work charity, established by the Christian churches in the Kent Estuary. It is supported by the churches and by grant-giving trusts.

KEY values the personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of all young people. We aim to enable young people to ‘Unlock their Potential’. KEY employs professional youth workers to deliver informal education, opening creative learning opportunities in a varied programme of activities.