Holiday Activities

During Holiday periods KEY deliver a varied programme as suggested by our young people in Milnthorpe; some of our programmes have included the following:

Self Defence Workshop

The workshop was requested due to a local incident after adiscussion around staying safe. The workshop was delivered by an outside agency called Skills Shop. During the half a day

workshop we covered; conflict managements, why conflict occurs, our response to conflict and strategies to resolve conflict – using verbal communications and body language to
defuse the situation.

Within the practical self defence section we covered; understanding reasonable force, what governs the use of self-defence, escapes from various types of grabs, strangles and holds.

Although we only had a small group of young people attending on this trial workshop, the group gained hugely from the experience and we will be looking at delivering this programme again in the winter months.

What they thought of the event?

  • Fun, informative, learnt new skills
  • What difference did it make to you?
  • I know what to do if I’m in danger
  • I know how to protect myself
  • Made me feel more safe when on my own

What did they learn?

  • How to read body language
  • Eye – communication
  • Protection

What could have made it better?

  • Seeing more defence moves has increased my knowledge

Crystal Maze challenge

The young people took part in various challenges to win a crystal. The winning team went on to the final challenge to win prizes for themselves and the other participants.

The challenges worked on lateral thinking, problem solving, simple sums, physical activity and co-ordination. Working within teams involved development of various skills from
effective communication to supporting your team members.

The challenges were so realistic thanks to community donations which made the activities possible. The group really enjoyed the activities and engaged extremely well. They have asked for similar activities to be planned in the future.


The Easter egg hunt set out around Milnthorpe and the young people worked in teams to complete the challenges to earn points. Sadly the weather was awful but despite this the young people enjoyed figuring out the riddles and creating selfies to prove their answers. But most of all enjoyed the ending where they shared chocolate hot cross buns and, as a group, chose to share the prize. .